Rhian had chicken wings with me today. First time for everything. They were roasted and not saucy.

20171119 jcc


Today Rhian surprised me by making our bed. She was so proud. 

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On Thursday Rhian got to see her new classroom. It was a bit overwhelming with all the parents and children there. She grabbed our hands or hugged us a bit, but once inside she was all good.

We are so proud of her. Even though she’s a bit shy, she is usually open to the experience in front of her. We’ll post about her first day.


Spent 4 days at the National Harbor. 

Here’s some pics. 

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She starts kindergarten next week. Amazing. New challenges, schedules, fears, and triumphs. Probably not going to get many more of these nap time snuggle moments so they are extra special right now. 

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She will realize the impact this man had on her life. It’s not lost on me. 

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This morning Rhian came in and was snuggling with me for a couple of minutes. I showed her how I used to hold her as a baby and how she used to sleep in my arms. At some point, I started singing to her about things we do like color, go to parks, watch tv, listen to music, play, etc. She pulled the covers over her head and then I pull them back and she was crying. She told me that the song touched her heart and made her happy. I was speechless. She is a sweetie.
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